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Are You Ready For The Biggest Real Estate Event Of The Year?

Gbadewole Amos Kayode’s story is a moving story of a young man who against all odds chosed to become a property developer and the result has been amazing. Started with just a saving of two thousand naira and now has over 2,500 housing units under development and management.

His story and journey is not something you want to miss. How did he get there? With a major focus in the Abuja Property Market, Gbadewole own a huge percentage of of that market. Again, you need to ask him “HOW?” This Ilorin born indigene of Oyo state in the south western region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a story that is key to your property development journey.

He had a real humble background, but he has risen from his deep humble background to a giant force in the real estate business, providing accommodation for hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and foreigners alike across the federation. Today, he is a force that no one can overlook in the business of real estate in Nigeria and beyond.

Join him and others as they share life-changing stories and deeply rooted characters that has made them become superstars developers.

For the purpose of this event, we would rather refer to Dipo Agida as an ‘undercover developer’ who has a rare blend of focus, drive and creativity; with remarkable passion for People/Organizational Development, Business, Sales and marketing.
Prior to DRADROCK in April, 2017, he was a Sales Manager at Grenadines Homes Limited, where I led a team responsible for the business development and pre-launch sales of the $300million Atlantic Resort project.Four years later, he is becoming a force to be recknoned with a property developer with Dradrock.
Over the course of his career, he have acquired over 10 years of diverse expertise in various aspects of Real Estate including Business development, Sales & Marketing, Strategy Operations, Client Relationship Management, Construction and Project management, across Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.

Oladipo Pius Idowu-Agida is an innovator and a disruptive aficionado with over 12 years’ experience in the real estate sector.

With a rare and remarkable passion for people and capacity building, he continues to pursue excellence in Nigeria’s real estate sector. it would be a delight to have him share his thoughts on how to “pin down” the market. he surely knows how to and would be proving his theory with practical examples and personal stories. You surely don’t want to miss his session because it is going to be awesome.

Nola Adetola is a known as the wizkid of real estate development in Nigeria. Nola’s experience in the real estate marketing and investment sphere brings to the fore an avalanche of credible expertise in that industry and beyond.

The CEO and Founder of Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited, one of the fastest-rising real estate companies in Nigeria has over the years built credible relationships in Nigeria and abroad with the provision of top-of-the-range real estate solutions cutting across property sales, real estate advisory services, land acquisition, and property development, with a sales record of over N2 billion in less than five years.

There’s surely a story behind his camberwall project and he would be sharing that with us at the Proepet Developers Forum.

Nola Adetola is certainly one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the real estate industry in Nigeria who is building houses worth several billions of Naira and the very humble entrepreneur is just 31 years old.

Nola, whose Camberwall Estate has been adjudged as one of the hot cakes in the real estate sector is currently working on 6.5 billion Naira project in Banana Island.

He was also recently decorated as member of the Forbes 30 under 30.

Raising Money is not a very strong character of many property developers but it is certainly a skill any developer must develop and Mr Adetola would be sharing his story and strategy on this subject.

Olawale Ayilara is a passionate entrepreneur with over 10 years experience starting and running businesses in the South West of Nigeria, handling transactions worth a combined value of $300 million.

He is a recipient of the 2018 Forbes Africa 30 under 30 recognition.
Prior to founding LandWey, he worked as Head, Business Development, Creativity and Strategy at Eagles Insight and Innovations and Co-founded Nigerian Property Investments Group; a real estate platform for Nigerians in diaspora.

Wale is thorough developer and has sold-out several residential development that is already earning him a place as a legend as developer.

He has several awards to his name and his story and journey are what learning from.

He is a Future Award Business Category winner (2019) , The Most Innovative Real Estate Leader Award 2017, and boasts other numerous recognitions and media features.

It would be a pleasure to have OlawaleAyilara share his thoughts and journey to other developers at this event.

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu is a prominent figure in the Luxury Real Estate industry, an Entrepreneur and a coach who without excellent degrees co-founded and built one of the leading inventors of excellently crafted communities.

He is the president of Africa’s Property Investment Group and Middlechase, the leading rental income organization.

With over 200 portfolios, Chudi teaches invaluable lessons on rental development to investors and developers in the rental income class.

Chudi Kalu is also a Rental Income Coach. The Cashflow King. Author of “The Cashflow Landlord”. Cofounder & Chairman of Middlechase Founder Africa’s Property Investment Group, Property Baron Network, and Property Gang.

Understanding Trends is critical to how much impact or relevance a property developer builds and Chudi be showing how that works and how to use it to position yourself for the new phase of real estate development in Africa. You don’t want to miss this.