I'm Chudi Kalu Your Rental Income Coach.

Chudi teaches invaluable lessons on rental development to investors and developers.

Chudi Kalu Onyemeri

The King
Of Rental Income

He is a rental income coach, a Speaker and Author of two best-selling books. He has over a decade of experience in the industry and is a mentor to many.

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu is a passionate Property Investor and Developer. He is the Chairman and Co-founder of Arkbridge Integrated Limited and Middlechase Property Limited as well as other various establishments across the real estate and construction industry. 

He is well known for his foresight and knowledge of the Real Estate Industry. He started the trend of Rental Income Development and the concept of Cashflow in Nigeria. One of his great achievements include developing unique multi-family apartments that are affordable and able to yield maximum cashflow to owners and investors. He is the president of Africa’s Property Investment Group (AFPING), a unique investment club for like-minded investors. With diverse portfolios, Chudi teaches invaluable lessons on rental development to investors and developers at large.  

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu began his career as an Associate Editor of a student magazine, but soon decided to play a more active role in development by setting up a small consulting outfit and that led to the revolution that is now being led by Coach Chudi and his team. For over 10 years, he has helped numerous private and public organizations transform to better achieve their mission and assisted in driving affordable housing solutions for low-income families.

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu has authored a number of articles on the topic of social housing strategy implementation as well as the principle of cashflow, his mantra being ‘Let your money work for you’. These articles have appeared in publications such as BusinessDay Newspaper, Guardian Newspaper, etc.  Chudi Kalu has appeared on BusinessTV’s ”Nigerian Morning” and 99.3fm NigeriaInfo’s ”Morning Crossfire” among other platforms. He has created a community to mentor realtors and developers, to keep in touch and connect with entrepreneurs across the nation and personal growth seeking individuals worldwide.

He spent a number of years in the for-profit sector, including executive and managerial positions at Arkbridge, UN Homes and  Potsherd. He pushed Arkbridge Integrated Limited to an unimaginable height in terms of sales and expansion in less than two years having over 400 subscribers during that period and establishing one of the fastest housing estates within the Lagos-Ogun megacity axis of Nigeria. Mr. Kalu brings to his role as Chairman, a passion for serving those in need of housing solutions and the business skills required to lead an effective international organization. His passion for social housing was born from a tragic experience when his father, Mr. Victor Kalu, lost his sight to the dreaded eye disease known as ‘glaucoma’ and couldn’t undergo a surgery for the correction because the money he had was meant for rent. His father had to make a choice: to undergo the surgery or to pay the landlord. He chose the latter and became blind eventually.

Chudi attributes his father’s lack of sight to the fact that his father was pressured to pay the rent and had sacrificed his sight to ensure that his family had a roof over their heads. Pained by that fact and the reality, Chudi Kalu decided to pursue a career in real estate so as to provide people opportunities to own a house, but after two years, Chudi wanted a bigger challenge, a challenge that would ensure every African a chance to own a house. That dream led him to co-own Arkbridge Integrated Limited as the first CEO. He has deep expertise in building the organizational capabilities that make his low-income families potential shocks to mission accomplishment and growth.

Chudi Onyemeri Kalu is a man of many parts. He is God’s gift to humanity and to the society at large. He’s happily married with lovely kids. He was won several awards for his unique leadership skills as well as his innovation and zeal towards changing the real estate game in Nigeria. On his profile @coachchudi on Instagram and website www.coachchudi.com, you will find articles, videos and updates pertaining to Business growth, personal growth and other topics that pique your interest. We hope you find it useful and come back often to see what’s new! Together, we can make life a wonderful journey.

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